Sunday, September 2, 2007


In today's Capital, the Honorable Ward 7 Alderman writes a guest column that tries to persuade us that he has been focusing on a lot of things and not just plastic bags.

(Yesterday I posted on how plastic bags would be coming back, and here they are!!)

The column is fairly long, so I will have to post a comprehensive analysis of its content at a later time, as I do not wish to disrupt my schedule.

For the time being, two quotes jumped out at me:

Recently I concentrated some of my time on prohibiting the retail distribution of plastic checkout bags....This issue has, surprisingly, gotten a lot of national and international media attention.

The word surprisingly should make everyone reading it roll their eyes and want to back-slap Alderman Sam for treating us like we have been eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the last 6 months in lieu of paying attention.

I firmly believe that being an alderman means sacrificially serving my Ward 7 constituents and all the people of Annapolis--to improve and protect our quality of life.

If you can prove how apologizing for slavery meets YOUR OWN CRITERIA that you just laid out, then you have just won yourself another supporter.

More on Alderman Sam upcoming.

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