Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Man After My Own Heart

John G. Miller, an apparent super-citizen of Annapolis, submitted this unsolicited job application via a letter to the editor yesterday:

I retired in 2000 as the managing director of two magazines, and would gladly return in a later incarnation to edit the Letters to the Editor column of The Capital. What Fun!

Hey!! Back off, pal!

If you would like to comment on letters to the editor, there is an blogger's assistant position open with the Annapolis Politics juggernaut web site.

Here are the details:
Pay: $o, plus a bag of Fritos on Fridays. (Frito Fridays!)
Fringe benefits: have an excuse to be on the internet all the time
Job requirements:
-10 fingers

Let me know if you are interested!

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