Saturday, September 15, 2007

Perspective on AA GOP

Today's Capital featured a letter to the editor from Brian Griffiths, a Republican activist who, as far as I can see, was the person to break the story about the problems of the county Central Committee.

Mr. Griffiths is also the #1 most influential blogger in the state of Maryland, and presents his opinion on the path of the local Republican party:

In recent weeks, Anne Arundel County Republican voters have been subjected to a vicious and unfortunate set of circumstances. These included elected members of the Republican Central Committee attempting to remove the committee's chairman outside of the scope of public view, and outside the scrutiny of the press, the activists and the voters.

The sad stare of affairs came to a head at the recent republican Central Committee meeting. Certain members of the committee continued their efforts to remove Chairman Mike Collins without so much a a recitation of the charges against him.

The committee attempted this despite weeks of speculation, innuendo and rumor in the media and on the Internet about its intentions, motives and methods. Certain members went so far as to try to virtually exclude all public comments from being included in the meeting's agenda.

The committee went forward with its plans to remove the chairman despite the fact that all who addressed the committee opposed its actions. A majority of those activist and voters in attendance were outraged that certain members of the committee continued to attempt such an important action without input from those very voters by whom they were elected to serve.

Many longtime activists were revolted by the scene they witnessed that night.

A number of Central Committee members had their leadership abilities weighed and measured that night, and they were found sorely wanting.

The spectacle of this meeting showed that certain members of the committee do not hold the same values that I and many other local Republicans share, And I am not sure how our Republican Party can succeed under their stewardship.

For my take on the issue, click here.

I think the point is an important one that the Central Committee exists to further the party at the bequest of Republican voters. And although some have said that the Committee was gracious in allowing public comments at all (which they are not required to do), I wonder how the Committee could rectify a refusal to hear the public with their party-building obligations.

I fear a similar problem as with city aldermen. The reward to work ratio for central committee members is low, and it can be said that many members have aspirations to higher office. And problems occur when an office is a means to an end, and not an end in and of itself.

Mr. O'Malley, please re-read that last sentence.

As for the rest of you, have a nice afternoon!

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