Saturday, November 10, 2007

11/10 Update on Police Hiring

I forgot to include this information with my commentary on Alderman Arnett's meeting with the public.

He said that at any given time, there are 13 (that's thirteen--a baker's dozen) officers patrolling. That sounds like an awfully low number.

He also gave an update on hiring. I was under the impression that we had 2 laterals (transfer officers), but Alderman Arnett says we have at least 6 and maybe more than that.

Further guidance was provided regarding the most recent entrance exam. Apparently 35 or so people passed the exam*, and 16 of those people have passed the first round of background checks.

(*I think there were over a hundred people to take this exam....only 36 passed? Why didn't everyone just guess 'C'??!)

I'll let you know when somebody else says something totally different about this matter--probably next week.

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