Monday, November 5, 2007

More Foo-Foo Crime Fighting Measures

Now that the city has equalled last year's total for homicides, the city has announced more measures for preventing crime, including requiring a drug treatment program and a gun offender registry. See article.

The use of such an offender registry in New York and Baltimore was cited as a justification for the program here, and as for spending $500,000 on a drug treatment program, Alderwoman Hoyle offers:
Can we afford (a drug program)? I say we cannot afford not to have
one. We're calling to help prevent deaths in our community.

To be honest, I am choosing to censor myself a bit on this subject because I can't back up what I want to say. But I will say is this: the first priority should be fully staffing the police department.

The mayor's administration has said on multiple occasions that they are focusing on the human element of this (or any other, I assume) crime; hence, the drug treatment program, etc. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe treatment programs are most effective for users, not dealers, and I also believe that dealers are more responsible for the correlation between crime and drugs.

These ideas are nice side dishes, but where's the meat?

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