Saturday, November 17, 2007

Let's Remember What Actually Happened With Yesterday's Shooting

Today's Capital predictably ran a story about yesterday's drug raid gone bad, and I have a problem with their front page photo:
The front page photo shows friends of the deceased agonizing over their loss. While understandable, it should not be the focus of the coverage.

Let's not forget why this happened. All indications are that the police acted properly--they served a warrant on a dangerous suspect that was engaging in CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES, and therefore harming society, i.e. us. Ergo, the first way this could have been prevented was for this person to not sell drugs. Secondly, when the officers entered the house, he started shooting at them. Call me a cold S.O.B., but if you shoot at an officer that is doing nothing wrong, you get what's coming to you.

What if the officer had been killed? Luckily he was not, but we send the police to risk their lives dealing with jackasses who decide that the laws don't apply to them.

What the family has to go through is awful. But a more appropriate picture would have been of the officers, weary from duty, supporting each other and caring to their injured comrade. That would tell the proper story.


15 Annpolis Police Veteran said...

Thank you so much for seeing the coverage for what it is… CRAP
“Man Killed, Officer Injured” ? !!!!. The headline should have been “OFFICER SHOT”. The photograph of the dead mans family should have been one of the worried faces of Annapolis Police officers around the bedside of their fellow officer at Shock Trauma. Perhaps the other picture could have been of Dave Stokes family or children. The coverage should have focused on Det. Dave Stokes, Annapolis hero. He was the first man through the door on a high risk warrant and was hit by multiple gun shots. His shield and protective vest saved his life. The coverage was shameful. What does it matter that the wrong door was hit on a drug warrant several months back? It has nothing to do with the fact that for the first time in 15 years an Annapolis Police officer was shot in the line of duty. That paragraph could have been used to describe the months of recovery, dressing changes, constant pain and loss of income Det. Stokes will suffer. The jackass in this story is the guy that wrote the story. He can be the point man on the next drug raid. Thanks for seeing things the right way. By the way we are hiring if anyone is interested.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Thank you.....Officer wounded?? He didn't break his arm or cut himself on a crackpipe....HE WAS SHOT!!!! To have the victims girlfriend crying all over the place as the centerpiece of this news article (and, for that matter, the centerpiece of all of the television news as well) was sickening. The Capital ran a story entitled "Annapolis: A Tale of Two Cities" not that long ago. This is the 'other city.' The one that APD deals with EVERYDAY. The low-income, roach and cockroach infested, disgusting homes of people who just don't care. The places where people such as Mr. Stern engage in free enterprise of the worst sort. Unfortunately, it just happens to be the place where Mr. Stern died as well. Residents in your million dollar waterfront homes, be greatful everyday that APD is there to protect you. Be glad that APD has people such as Officer Stokes (and, for that matter, EVERY single officer at APD) who go to work everyday, working long hours to do what they can (with what they have) to keep the city safe.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the speeding ticket.