Monday, November 19, 2007

Fallout Immediate Over Plastic Bag Chaos**

**Rumor Alert. Rumor Policy.

This is actually only part rumor, and thanks to the unnamed source who clued me in. But the other part is first hand.

People are pissed! The plan all along was to avoid a vote on the issue. Nobody knows what is going on because it is too confusing.

While Alderman Sam was in the hallway (while the council meeting was going on in the chambers), Alderwoman Stankivic came in the hallway and told him to get his ass back inside!

A certain city official, returning into the chambers after being haggled by crazed supporters of the ban, was frustrated to the point of verbally promising an ass-kicking to the council and/or members of the council for causing such a clusterF___*.

(*my word)

Exiting stuff.

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