Tuesday, November 6, 2007

11/6 Update On Police Hiring

The most recent (unofficial) information that I have regarding police hiring is this:

-2 'laterals' (transfers from other departments), one from Baltimore and another from the Eastern Shore, in training. I believe they only have to go through the in-house training, since they would have already gone to a police academy.

-2 people from the most recent entrance exam in the Police Academy.


1. 2 + 2 < 23.

2. Police Academies. Annapolis doesn't have a police academy, and can't send recruits to the AA county academy because they hire our officers away from us! So we have to coordinate with MoCo and HoCo, I think.

3. Pay. Even with a $5000 signing bonus, recruits are being lured away to other departments.

4. Mayor still silent on issue.

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