Thursday, November 15, 2007

Update: Local Businesses

A couple days ago I made what I thought to be a harmless post that mentioned two companies that I am familiar with, North Star Games and Hook and Ladder Brewing.

I made a comment that one company was more successful than the other, and the founder of North Star saw the post (on these highly-read pages), and pointed out that I probably don't know what I'm talking about, especially since these things are hard to measure.

I feel horribly bad about this, because I have met these guys and have great respect for what they do. They were the first ever winners of Cupid's Cup, and impressed the event's organizers so much that it gave me the opportunity to compete for money in the same contest a year later.

So now let me update you on the success of North Star:
Wits & Wagers won 14 industry awards last year, making it the most
awarded party game of all time. says it is the best trivia game of all

Target heard about all of the buzz and decided to pick it up nationwide
for the 2007 holiday season. That's pretty good distribution.

A video game version of Wits & Wagers will be coming out in January
by one of the biggest video game companies and a major Hollywood agency is
interested in producing a Wits & Wagers television game show. We are
currently working on the contract.

I hope that I can be forgiven!