Tuesday, November 6, 2007

City Stays Within Bounds Of Approprite Relationship With The Naval Academy

Many people rightly criticized the city for wasting its time and our money when it adopted a resolution in support of the reinstatement of a certain Midshipman, a matter that clealy lies outside of its jurisdiction.

The city government is mingling with the Academy once again:

Acting Mayor Classie Hoyle representing Mayor Ellen Moyer and the City
of Annapolis will present a proclamation honoring the Naval Academy football
team's dramatic victory over Notre Dame to representatives from the Academy.

The short ceremony will take place TOMORROW, Wednesday November 7, 2007 at Market Space in Downtown Annapolis at 12:15 PM.

The Commandant of Midshipmen, CAPT Margaret Klein, and two players are
confirmed as representatives from the Academy.

MIDN 1/C Greg Veteto and MIDN 1/C Joey Bullen (who kicked the tying
field goal in the second overtime) will represent the Naval Academy.

The City of Annapolis has been energized by this victory, and all fans
and friends of the Academy are invited to stop by and celebrate the

I can't say that I'm surprised that we only have 24 hours notice, but I can say that I am perfectly fine with this ceremonial proclamation. I am a football fan, and enjoyed seeing the squad duel with the woeful Fighting Irish. I would support every effort to rub it in, err, celebrate the victory. It is even more important to celebrate Navy because the Terps might never win a game again.

Furthermore, the city could not have possibly wasted that much time putting this together. The Mids won on Saturday night, and I'm sure nobody worked on Sunday. So, a day and a half to put this together--that's fine by me.

Go Navy.

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