Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ray Weaver Update

Public Information Officer Ray Weaver wanted to clarify his statements from last night, and graciously called me rather than post a comment on the site. I don't know how he obtained my top-secret cell phone number, but since he's in the information business, I suppose it speaks to his talent!

Mr. Weaver emphasizes that he was not angry at, nor berating the council in general or the mayor; rather, a specific member. Since I was checking messages on the above mentioned secret cell phone at the start of the event, I have determined that Mr. Weaver's explanation is plausible and will now correct the record. According to Mr. Weaver:
My comments were not directed at the entire council nor the Mayor. I was
angry that it seemed that a damning message about the Mayor and the Council was
being delivered to the media in the hallway, and another was being delivered to
the Mayor and the City Council in chambers. I expressed that specific concern to
that specific Alderman.

It is my job to represent the Mayor and the City, and I stand by my
statement that I felt the, "If you don't vote for this Bill as is, you must hate
the environment" tactic that was used was unfair and unjust. The compromise bill
addresses much more than just one item and is much more broad based than what
was essentially an anti-littering bill.

In any case, it was unprofessional of me to lose my temper and raise my
voice. I have apologized to the Mayor and the Council, and I extend that apology
to any one else that may have witnessed my unfortunate display.

I actually don't think the display was unfortunate. As I said before, I would have reacted the same way, or at least I would have wanted to. I occasionally speak with former city spokespersons, and the stories that I have heard convince me that the job is no joke. I wouldn't want to do it. Mr. Weaver has apologized, and to answer a commenter on this site, I don't suspect that we will hear about his resignation or (quote) resignation (unquote).

On a related note, the primary purpose of this blog is my personal enjoyment. I want that people read this blog and change their party affiliation, register to vote, or change who they vote for; but to be honest, I won't lose sleep if this doesn't happen. In economics terms, I try to make the blog a net benefit to my utility. (Utility= happiness) Since I don't get paid for this, and I'm not running for office (any time soon), the only way that the blog is a net benefit for me is to amuse myself, keep up on issues, and give people some laughs.

How this relates to people reading this blog, is that if you happen to be the subject of something I write about, and you think you are misrepresented, you can just contact me and give your side of the story. Believe me--I have few, if any, journalistic ethic; unless I really REALLY disagree with you, I will update my statement. Making enemies as a result of a silly blog that I don't get paid for is definitely NOT a utility maximizing activity.

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