Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cause For Pessimism

Today's Capital includes a guest column by the Honorable Ward 3 Alderwoman, Classie Hoyle, arguing her case (which happens to be the correct case) for passage of the 2 a.m. license bill. As a supporter of this bill---umm, let's just say she could have done better.

Let's examine:

During my six years on the City Council I, more than any other alderman, have
promulgated legislation addressing equality issues.
She is, of course, referring to R-16-07--which requests the the United States Navy (read: not the city of Annapolis) confer graduation upon a (black) midshipman who violated rules. At least that's what I think she's referring to--maybe she can point to some bills that an Alderman actually has business worrying about.

Anyway, back to the point. We are talking about 2 a.m. licenses here:

The city needs one standard of fairness for establishments with liquor licenses.
Many residents and business owners have told me our current law is
discriminatory and unconstitutional.
Strike one. Even if you need someone to tell you about the laws you are paid to enact, you don't admit it! Next time: "I know from experience that the current laws are unfair." It makes it look like you are acting on personal principle*.

I was asked by Castlebay Irish Pub on Main Street and Sly Fox Pub on Church
Circle to introduce legislation that would permit them to have 2 a.m. licenses.
Strike two. In theory you would know this better than me, but I am quite convinced that Sly Fox was asked to participate-- only Castlebay came to you. Also, neither of these businesses are in your ward. I'm with you, and I support the cause, but why open yourself up to criticism?*

(*For more political advice like this, I can be retained as a political strategist for $500 per hour, or the cost of making 1000 copies at city hall, whichever is greater.)

This next part is terrible:
So it is with Ordinance 0-23-07, the legislation to lift the moratorium on
2 a.m. liquor licenses in the MX zone.

In 1993, Ward 1 residents established a sector study to stop the granting
of any additional 2 a.m. liquor licenses in the downtown MX zone. So for 14
years, some establishments in the MX zone have been granted permission to work
these profitable hours while others were denied it. Is this economic parity for
the business community?
Strike 3. Alderwoman Hoyle: get with the program. The MX district is West St. They can still get 2 a.m. licenses. You'll notice that Kyma, Fado, and Metropolitan are all in the MX district, are all more recent than 1993**, and all received 2 a.m. licenses.

(This blog has officially adopted 1992 as the reference date for the Ward 1 Sector Study, but who really cares?)

Sly Fox and Castlebay, the two bars you just mentioned like 17 seconds ago, are not in the MX district! They are in the Conservation Business (CA) and/or the Special Conservation Business (CA-2) districts! Unbelievable! This is, like, a major point of the whole bill--and you didn't get it right. What chance does the bill have of passing if its sponsor isn't familiar with the details?

Alderwoman Hoyle makes some relevant points about why the bill should be passed, but it won't matter. Too many people are too against it, and if this column is any indication, there's not enough persuasive power to change their minds.

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