Monday, November 5, 2007

Shock: 3 Candidates File For Ward 2 Seat, No Primary To Be Held

Ok maybe not a shock, but if I started this post with "Of Mild Interest:.....", you would close your browser window and find a re-run of I Love Lucy on TV Land.

I just came from City Hall, and the following is first hand information regarding the candidates for the vacant Ward 2 seat. They are:

1. Debbie Rosen McKerrow, Democrat
2. Karen Jennings, Green Party
3. Fred Paone, Republican

There was some speculation that we would have to have a primary anyway, citing a possible requirement that the candidates must receive at least 1 vote in the primary; however, the City Attorney advises that there is no such requirement, and the general election will proceed, without a primary, as scheduled on December 19th.

Of note, former Ward 2 Alderman Irving 'Pete' Mager filed a certificate of candidacy as an Independent on Friday, but failed to submit a petition with the required 100 signatures to make it on to the ballot. According to the city clerk, he was unreachable at the phone numbers he provided, and consequently will not be on the ballot.

Also of note, Karen Jennings' petition included 175 signatures. The winner in Ward 4's special election had something like 150 votes, and although more people vote in Ward 2, Ms. Jennings' candidacy should not be taken lightly.

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