Friday, November 30, 2007

Shhhhh: Don't Tell The Mayor

The Capital today sadistically featured alternative police vehicles, a measure certain to tempt the mayor's fancy for such things:

You will be tempted to yield to the argument: "You see? This other jurisdiction was smart enough to get these vehicles. Annapolis should too."

Not so fast!

"It's another tool we can use. It's great for crowd control," said Officer Matt Warehime of the Department of General Services Police. "You can get out to different areas you can't get to in a car."

Likewise, Officer William Jackson said the Segways are good for crowd control
and have the added benefit of being able to go inside buildings.

Mr. Collins said the solar cart, Segways and bikes allow his officers to do a
better job keeping the government complex secure. And they have the added
benefit of being good for the environment.

When was the last time you heard someone say "man, if only we could control those crowds in the public housing, our city would be so much better"? Umm, never. Let's do stuff that fights drugs and violent crime, like filling police officer vacancies.


15 year Veteran Officer said...

We are beacing for as many as 6 or 7 retirements at the end of the year. One young officer will have his last day on Dec 9. he has been hired by a small PA dept. Still no hiring to speak of. In spite of what Will Scott said in the newspaper we are now 26 officers short. Most all officers have been placed back in patrol. The NET unit is gone, Foot patrol is now gone and Special operations is left with 3 officers. CID detectives are handling cases at a volume not seen before. Anne Arundel County has a homicide unit with about 10 officers. they have had about 13 homicides. APD does not have a homicide unit and just investigated the 9th homicide.
I dont know what is keeping the offiers that are still here.

PAUL FOER said...

Ms Moyer continues to spout off about a uselesss and misleading statitic about our town having nearly three times the national average of officers per capita.

Anonymous said...

If she thinks we have an oversupply of Police Officers, then why doesn't she just recommend eliminating those positions from the budget.

It's kind of like "I support the troops", but let's defund them.

It's just dishonesty, plain and simple.