Friday, November 30, 2007

Shock: This Blog To Move Outside Of City!

Displaying shrewd tact and keen foresight, I have entered into arrangements to purchase and occupy a single family home in Rolling Knolls. Such a maneuver prevents me from running for city office in the near future, but sets the stage for a triumphant homecoming if/when I sell the new house and return to containment within the city limits.

The result is that myself, my immediate possessions, and this blog will be leaving the friendly confines of Ward 5 for the ceremonially dubbed friendly confines of "Ward 9".

So, from January 31 on, I will be bringing you "an outsider's look" of the politics of the city of Annapolis, and the continued insider's look of everything else.


Josh Cohen said...

Brian, congrats on your new home. Rolling Knolls is a nice community, especially for families with kids.

The city will miss you but you can always run for County Council... :)


Brian Gill said...

Ha--My sources tell me that it would be a tough race for councilmanic district 6--I may have to hold off for a while.

PAUL FOER said...

Hah!!! I always knew you two had suburban values..........!!!

Brian Gill said...

Not so suburban--the house is within walking distance of the biggest mall in the state.

But if by subarban values you mean proper conservative thinking, you are quite right!

PAUL FOER said...

Brian--if the biggest mall in the state does not qualify as suburban, what does? Anyhow--we're all just "joshin" with each other...does this mean you'll stop focusing on city politics? I notice you are already raggin' on about the mayor of Baltimore--when are you gonna pick on some Republicans and extol some Democrats for a change?

Brian Gill said...

Already done and done.

To see extolling of a democrat ( I call him the smartest person I know) , click here:

To see criticism of republicans, click here:

And no, the content of the blog won't change.