Monday, November 26, 2007

Who Will Run For Mayor

Here are the up-to-the-minute odds for anyone and everyone that I have heard mentioned as a possible candidate for mayor. All city council members are ceremonially included. The person's odds for running are first, followed by their odds of winning (if given the fact that they run).

Arnett, Ross (D) 20-1 to run. 15-1 to win.

Cohen, Josh (D). 1-1000 to run. 3-2 to win.

Cordle, Dave (R) off the board to run. 15-1 to win.

Finlayson, Sheila (D) 18-1 to run. 30-1 to win.

Fox, Chris (I). 1-10,000 to run. 1-100 to win.

Flyntz, Frank (R). 1-1000 to run. 100-1 to win.

Hoyle, Classie (D) 52-1 to run. 40-1 to win.

Isreal, Dick (D) 10,000-1. to run. 29-1 to win.

Johnson, Dean (R). 23-1 to run. 18-1 to win.

McFall, Trudy (D) Running. 8-1 to win.

McMillan, Herb (R) 100-1 to run. 5-2 to win.

Moyer, Ellen (D), for an illegal 3rd term. 1,000,000-1. ("So, you're telling me there's a chance?")

Pantelides, Mike (R). 2-1 to run. 31-1 to win.

Paone, Fred (R) 42-1 to run. 30-1 to win.

Pierre, Zina (D). 1-200 to run. 60-1 to win.

Renault, Gilbert (D). 17-1 to run (as a Dem), 40-1 to win.

Shropshire, Sam (D) Running. 19-1 to win.

Stankivic, Julie (R) 91-1 to run. 22-1 to win.

Taylor, Wayne (D) 34-1 to run. 63-8 to win.

Weikel, Chuck (D) 1-55 to run. 5-1 to win.


Anonymous said...

What about Dean Johnson. How can we get him to run again and fix what ellen messed up.

Brian Gill said...

I have posted the odds in response to your inquiry. His name was thrown around to run for the ward 2 seat that Fred Paone now occupies, and agreed to be Fred's treasurer for the campaign, although seemingly begrudingly.

His case is interesting. It's anyones guess why he didn't run for ward 2. Does he want to stay out of politics? Or is alderman beneath his capabilities/does he want to keep himself available for the mayoral race?

Anonymous said...

Is there any truth to Zina Pierre running for president? She was a high ranking official in President Clintons administration and opened up a very successfu lobbying firm in DC (she wouldnt have trouble raising money)...I found these articles online about her:

Also, she was escorting President Clinton around last week....:

Is she running or not ?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant Mayor...

Brian Gill said...

I have not heard her name in any discussions. In fact, I have never heard her name before nor seen her at any city meeting or function. I would say with 97% certainty that she is not running, and if she did, she wouldn't get past the primary.

Brian Gill said...

Also, that widipedia page says that she works in DC and attends classes in DC. She seems overqualified both politically and professionally to be mayor of Annapolis. Make that 99% sure.

ASF15 said...

What about Chris Fox! He may not be the most experienced politician, but he will have the balls to do what it takes to make things right. Who wants another politician. The majority of Annapolis doesn't get involved because of the consistently inconsistent leadership that doesn't listen anyway.

Brian Gill said...


How are Sasha and Simba doing?

Yes, Chris Fox is running for mayor and I am his campaign manager. The odds have been updated accordingly.

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing that Zina Pierre is running for office too.... she has been very visible the past few months..