Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Local Business Update

I have recently promoted 2 University of Maryland businesses, North Star Games and Hook and Ladder Brewing, and the Wall Street Journal has joined the party:
Hook & Ladder Brewing Company, a Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship
portfolio company, has reached a new level of success today! Pick up a copy of
the Wall Street Journal today and you’ll find a feature
on Hook & Ladder Brewing Company. The company’s commitment of
giving back to local burn centers and firefighter burn foundations has
highlighted the company as unique and forward-thinking. The company looks
forward to continuing growth and recognition for its mission of developing a
company with strong ties to the community.

North Star Games recently won distribution of Wits and Wagers, their flagship game, at Target retail stores across the country. The game was named Party Game of the Year.

Both of these companies are Dingman Portfolio Companies, as is mine. Hooray us!

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