Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Roads To Be Closed For Peace Conference

At first, I was ambivalent towards the peace conference that was to be held at the Naval Academy, much like the feeling you get when you start to see Christmas decorations in department stores before Halloween. But I'm pretty sure the President is going to be here; I heard a reference made to Annapolis on Fox News yesterday; and we are now starting to hear about the road closures--which makes me excited.

Randall St from Prince George to Gate 1 will also be closed to at 7:00 AM on Tuesday, November 27.

King George St from Maryland Ave to Gate 1 will be closed for parking and traffic from 7:00 AM on Tuesday, November 27.

I will of course be going into 'boat show mode' on that day, or 'triathlon mode' as this blog prefers to call it, and will be forced to make a visit to Severna Park for any leisure activities, an activity that is usually avoided at most costs.

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