Friday, November 23, 2007

Paone Ward 2 Endorsement

This from Joyce Thomann, President of the Republican Women of Anne Arundel County:

Dear Friends:
Wednesday, December 19, 2007 we have an OPPORTUNITY to elect another REPUBLICAN to the Annapolis City Council. Frederick M. Paone (Fred Paone) REPUBLICAN is running for the now vacant Ward 2 Annapolis City Council seat!

To get another Republican elected to the Annapolis City Council, we need to get some $$$$ going to Fred’s campaign. Fred is a bit behind in fundraising because he would not begin to raise money while serving as the Assistant State’s Attorney – UNTIL he received permission from the Ethics Commission to do so. In short, Fred did what was right – because it was the right thing to do!

I hope you will send a contribution to: Friends of Fred Paone, 47 Williams Drive, Annapolis, MD 21401. Any amount will be deeply appreciated. (It goes without saying that the more you can send the better his chances will be.)

First, you may want to know more about Fred Paone –

The Paone name is very well known in Annapolis. His father, Rocco Paone, was a long-time and well loved Professor at the U.S. Naval Academy. Fred Paone grew up in a home that sponsored USNA Midshipmen – one of them was Roger Staubach.

Fred Paone is a 56-year old Assistant State’s Attorney from Admiral Heights. His campaign Treasurer is the former Republican Mayor of Annapolis Dean Johnson. An article in the Capital Newspaper observed that “Although he has never run for public office, Fred Paone has been involved with the city on a volunteer basis since 1985, serving as the organizer of the July 4th fireworks show for nearly 20 years before handing over the job to Jon Hodgson.”

Fred Paone started out as a Democrat (so did President Ronald W. Reagan) but has switched to the Republican Party. (Like President Reagan, Fred didn’t leave the Democrat Party – it left him!)

Fred has stated that “on a local level, there is much more of an opportunity to vote for the individual anyway. I was born and raised in this city. I look around and see eight young men who have been murdered this year, traffic and congestion is way too much, development has run amuck and I think the citizens of Ward 2 need a strong voice.”

Fred Paone believes that crime is the NUMBER ONE issue throughout Annapolis. As Assistant State’s Attorney Fred Paone believes he is in a good position to help address the problem.

Fred Paone, like his father, is also a teacher. The December 2003 edition of The Barrister, the official newsletter of the Anne Arundel Bar Association reported, “Fred Paone has been teaching at the Community College for approximately five years. Not only does Fred teach Criminal Law and Evidence, he also has had occasion to teach Business Law. Fred finds teaching thoroughly enjoyable, particularly because it gives him a chance to work with eager young minds.”

Fred Paone also serves as the Chairman of the Annapolis City’s Ethics Committee.

Second, you may want to know more about the race –

Because only one candidate for each party had timely filed, there was NO PRIMARY. On the December 19th General Election Ballot will be:
Frederick M. Paone, Republican
Debbie McKerrow, Democrat (who lost to Mike Christman-R by 44 votes in the last election.)
Karen L. Jennings – Green Party candidate and co-chairman of the Anne Arundel Green Party. She is an organizer of the Chesapeake Pride Festival and a participant in Mayor Ellen Moyer’s book club about community development.

The present make-up of the 8 member Annapolis City Council is: 1 Republican = Dave Cordle; 5 Democrats; 1 Unaffiliated member – Julie Stankivic (Ward 6) and the one vacant Ward 2 seat.

Dave Cordle does a great job – but he needs another REPUBLICAN on that Council! (Hold on Dave – help IS on the way!)

To find out what Ward 2 looks like, go to the official City of Annapolis web site:, click on the City Government Tab which will bring up a link to “Ward Map.” Think generally of the USNA Stadium, West Annapolis and Taylor Avenue areas.

We are SO FORTUNATE TO HAVE A SMART, ETHICAL, (tall, nice looking) REPUBLICAN RUNNING! If you don’t live in Annapolis – your contribution can still help. If you know anyone who does live in Annapolis – particularly in the Ward 2 area – contact them and ask them to vote for Fred Paone. You’ll be glad you did – Dave Cordle will be glad you did –we all will be glad you did! Remember – Fred Paone can’t win without our help!

Best personal regards. Joyce

P.S. & FYI -- RWAAC has contributed $500.00 to the Friends of Fred Paone!

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Fred is a VERY RECENTLY converted Democrat. Possible opportunist?